Services, Products & Prices

My basic service is $550, which includes:

  • 3 prenatal visits
  • Phone and e-mail support from the moment you sign with me until your last postnatal appointment at which time I will force myself to say good-bye to you and your precious baby (unless you hire me for another birth in the future).
  • In-person assistance for your labor and delivery, this starts as soon as you feel you need me and ends approximately 2 hours after you deliver your baby (or whenever you are settled in and ready for me to go home).
  • 2-3 postnatal appointments to go over your birth, how you feel about my service and to discuss any questions you have about breastfeeding or baby care at home.

All appointments will be held in your home unless you would prefer to meet somewhere else, this is the best way to ensure that we go over as much of the material I have to offer as possible, and that you feel comfortable asking questions, and practicing comfort measures.

Payment Schedule

Initial visit to determine compatibility- FREE

2nd prenatal visit (or at the signing of your contract) – $275 non refundable

3rd prenatal visit – $275 refundable only under special circumstances

Childbirth Education class

4 classes an hour and a half long covering basics of labor and delivery, pain coping methods, car seat safety, nutrition and breastfeeding – $60.00

As I do not have a location at present to provide these classes I am currently offering them as a separate ‘in home’ class.

Additional products that you may be interested in:

  • Nursing cover: $28.00

These covers include boning to allow you access to see your baby while nursing without allowing anyone else a peak, and two hidden pockets to store pacifiers or nursing pads while nursing your baby

these pockets are plenty big enough to store nursing pads while nursing your baby

Nursing covers are sold in a variety of colors and patterns, custom orders are also acceptable although some may have an extra fee for finding the correct material

Ring sling: $40.00


Royal Purple and Grey (with silver birds)

Burp cloths to match: $3.00

  • Crochet blanket: $30.00 (slightly bigger than a receiving blanket, perfect for baby)
  • 2 oz Vanilla Scented Spray (all natural-homemade) $4.50


Doppler Bag: $24


  • 7″x 9″ one large zippered pocket and two external pockets.  Designed for a Doppler, but could also hold a few diapers and cremes

Essential Oil Carry Case:$15


  • Small bag with specialized padded insert for carrying essential oils.

All items (minus oils and sprays) can be custom made with your personal style, and nursery decorations in mind.

When would I be entitled to a refund?

If you have filled all of your obligation to me in keeping contact open and calling me when you go into labor so that I can join you either at home or in the hospital for the birth of your baby and I do not come you will be entitled to a full or partial refund of your second payment of $275.00.

When can’t I expect a refund?

If you don’t call me when you go into labor and deliver the baby without my service you will not be given a refund. I will still provide you with your post-natal appointments if you desire them.

If you call me before delivering your baby but I do not arrive in time due to a quick delivery you are not entitled to a refund. I’m sorry if this happens, but I am still available to you for your immediate postpartum care, and breastfeeding questions, and will still be offering your postpartum home visits.


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