Whats in the Bag?

A doula carries a bunch of things to births… so you might be wondering when I show up at your house..

What’s in the bag?

the answer here is two-fold… some of it is my own ‘stuff’, and some of it is for you!

My stuff

Deodorant (no one wants a stinky doula)

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Socks (sometimes I show up at a birth in flip flops because I was in a rush)


Hair brush

Hair ties or headbands

Female care items

For You

Birth ball and pump

Olive oil (for massage)

Clean headband (they are always washed after each birth)

Rabozo (a long shawl like piece of cloth that is used to help with labor)

Sanitizer (some people really like to have it)

Adult underpads (to use over the birthing ball in case of water breaking)


Rice bag or sock



Music (just some soothing tunes incase you forgot yours or want something different to listen to)

Now aren’t you happy you know?


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